Youth Tennis

Year Round Tennis Programs for Youth Ages 5-18

Program Pathway:

Level 1
H.I.T.S. program combines the challenge and fun of playing tennis with the educational and character-building aspects of team sports. 4 week program available through your after school program. Ages 5-10

Level 2
H.I.T.S. – Red Ball JTT provides a great transition for kids to move from the introductory aspect of H.I.T.S. into the team concept without a heavy emphasis on competitive play. Which appears later on in orange, green and yellow ball tennis. The core lessons remain a part of this program to continue to help develop the child as well as the athlete. Ages 5-10

Level 3
USTA Junior Team Tennis(JTT): offers players the opportunity to compete in UTR events and with their friends in a fun, team atmosphere. JTT brings players together to enjoy camaraderie and teamwork. Providing a fun environment where kids learn succeeding is really more about how they play the game. Ages 6-18
•Spring (April-June)
•Fall (Sept-Nov)

Level 4
HitSquad:  is a leadership program centered around achieving team goals in a nurturing team environment. Students mentor and coach younger students in this program while representing our community in events locally and abroad. Ages 6 and UP

Additional Programs:

Summer Camps (June-Aug): Join us for any 1 week up to 10 weeks Ages 5-14

Winter Class (Nov-Mar): Drop-ins held throughout the winter months Ages 5-18